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Super Retro Boy Brings Game Boy Memories Back

The Super Retro Boy is bringing old school portable gaming back!

If you have been clamoring to dust off your old Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games and needed hardware to play it, then RetroBit Gaming is making the perfect solution for you, The Super Retro Boy.

The Super Retro Boy is a handle console that is capable of playing both Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games using the original cartridges. The console is designed as the original old school GameBoy with a TFT full-color backlit display and 10 hours of battery life. The L & R buttons are positioned right about the A & B buttons which Retrobit has said that they are not sure that in the final design that this button configuration will remain.  It’s certainly would be an awkward position for playing games like F-Zero and Mario Kart which rely heavily on those buttons for gameplay.

My first play through with it and it does feel pretty good playing games on it. In my opinion, the console is looking good but need some fine tuning with button placement, and screen ration and some games that are made for the wider Game Boy Advance were cut off a bit on the side. I’d also like to see them move the speakers up a bit higher. I like that they are in the front but don’t want my hands to cover the sound as I’m pressing buttons.

RetroBit expects to release the final version of the Super Retro Boy in August for around a $80 price tag.

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