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Synology releases first J-series NAS with support for Btrfs file system, the DS223j

Synology introduces newest J-series two-bay, the DiskStation DS223j.

Bellevue, WA—28 June 2023—Synology today announced the launch of the 2-bay DiskStation DS223j, its latest system in the entry-level J Series, designed to meet the needs of home office and small teams.

Using Synology’s intuitive DiskStation Manager (DSM), the DS223j features a host of options and applications for everyday data storage and management, including file syncing and sharing, backup, and video surveillance.

“The DS223j is an excellent NAS for small environments, be they home offices or even a bit larger,” said Michael Wang, Product Manager at Synology Inc. “With the DS223j, customers get energy-efficient hardware coupled with all the data management and protection tools they’ll need to effectively manage their files.”

Create a private cloud

The DS223j supports up to 36 TB of raw storage,1 making it an effective option for small teams to consolidate their data onto a single platform for safe and easy access. It is powered by the DSM operating system, which includes a multitude of backup, file sharing, and syncing applications that can be used to enhance remote work and collaboration.

Files can be managed securely, anytime and anywhere, using cross-device access, and with the included Synology Photos app users can back up, share, and organize their photos using intelligent management tools. Compared with its predecessors, the DS223j can handle more demanding tasks and a greater number of simultaneous users. Experience more than 180% faster file indexing in Synology Drive and over 200% faster image indexing in Synology Photos.

With the release of new DSM 7.2, expected in late spring, the DS223j will be the first J-series Synology NAS to support the Btrfs file system. This enables file self-healing to mitigate data corruption, as well as Synology’s Snapshot Replication feature. By creating frequent point-in-time snapshots, users can reverse unwanted and accidental file changes.

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Keep your files in sync

Synology Drive allows users to easily share and sync files across their PCs, Macs, and mobile devices from anywhere in the world, helping teams spread across different time zones ensure their workflow stays smooth and productive.

The DS223j can also integrate with public cloud service providers, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, enabling users to save files to and from third-party cloud drives and retain true data ownership.

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Protect your premises

Trusted by 500,000 sites around the globe, Synology Surveillance Station helps keep your premises secure. With support for over 8,300 validated IP cameras, Surveillance Station’s thoughtfully designed tools let users efficiently monitor video feeds, detect security events, and analyze footage.

The DS223j can be used to monitor up 12 IP cameras,2 and with C2 Surveillance users can easily encrypt, archive, and back up their surveillance footage to the cloud if required.

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The DS223j is available today from Synology partners and resellers. For more detailed information, please visit https://www.synology.com/products/DS223j

  1. Raw capacity. Usable storage capacity may vary depending on drives used and RAID configuration.
  2. Surveillance Station includes two free licenses. Connecting more cameras and devices requires additional licenses.

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