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T-Mobile Offers New Unlimited Talk & Text With NO DATA Plan

T-Mobile now offers Unlimited Talk and Text for $25 but there is a catch...NO DATA!

T-Mobile Offers Dirt Cheap Unlimited Talk & Text with NO DATA Option

So by now, we’re used to T-Mobile offer new plans to try and change the mobile game. This new plan offering is attractive for those that are phone only users (the very few of you that are left.) T-Mobile is now offering Unlimited Talk & Text which will cover the US, Canada, and Mexico for a flat rate of $25 per line up to 12 lines. There isn’t any discount for multiple lines, and there isn’t any way to add data to the plan.

While it’s weird seeing this type of plan option in 2017. Some users only need voice and text on their phone. One userbase I can think of is senior citizens that aren’t heavy data users and just use data when on Wi-Fi at home.  The cost of the plan is also around the same as other discounted wireless services that target the senior citizens market.

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