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T-Mobile Unlimited 4G Data Plans Is A Step In the Right Direction

Why T-Mobile's Unlimited 4G data plan is a step in the right direction.

T-Mobile Doing 4G Data The Right Way!

T-Mobile announced today that they will offer unlimited 4G data plans with no throttling starting September 5th. This is the direct opposite trend that from what we have seen from other carriers specifically Verizon and AT&T who have both created tiered data plans that also throttle speeds and eliminated any unlimited data option for new or upgrading customers. Sprint is just now rolling out their modern 4G LTE network and haven’t really made it clear what there plans will be for data pricing. Currently its unlimited on 3G and the few people are in their 4G LTE markets.  T-Mobile is bringing competition into the new carrier battle which is data.

4G Speeds, Cheap Price And Better International Roaming Capabilities

T-Mobile plans to offer theses unlimited 4G data plans at $20 per month on top of  Value Tex & Voice plans and Classic Voice & Text plans will be $30 per month which is nearly half of what their competitors offer on tiered data plans. This is the step in the right direction for T-Mobile and where most carriers should go for when it comes to data. Speaking of data T-Mobile offering is HSPA+ 42 Mbps which is just as fast as LTE and their phones give you the ability to take advantage of similar speeds if you travel overseas. LTE isn’t global yet so for those device you have to hope they come with GSM built-in them and they are usually very slow 3G speeds with some having HSPA speeds of 14.4 Mbps or 21 Mbps.


With so many smartphones out today consumers have become heavily reliant on data for communication, information and entertainment. Limiting users down to basically anywhere between 1 GB – 3GB of data for a basic starter plan for Verizon or AT&T is going to cripple the user, especially since most of them started off with unlimited data from the beginning. Sure they can pay for more data but the cost of those plans are high and will be out of range for most people so they will most likely turn down their usage which is going to hurt more than help. Also Wi-Fi isn’t everywhere anywhere you go and most of the time if it’s not home Wi-Fi it can go slower than most 3G connections. It’s like the carriers are trying to go backwards and limit instead of forward progression and advancing. If your paying for a connection you should be able to fully utilize this connection without worry.

No More Holding Back

Kudos to T-Mobile for not limiting the customer and giving people what they want and what they are used to. We really should be headed into a unlimited world with cell phones and paying one fee for one plan. I understand that cell phone carries have to create and increase profits but there are other ways in doing that like offering better productivity and entertainment services. People will use and even pay for them if they are good and enhances their smartphone which enhances their everyday life. It’s too late to try to hold people back. It’s better if we just keep pushing forward.



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