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The New iPad Review

Is the New iPad the best iPad? Find out in our review.


The New iPad is the 3rd generation tablet from Apple’s iPad lineup. It the successor to the successful iPad 2 from a yeare ago.  It drops the numbering and goes with just iPad as its name but does it stack up to be your next tablet or a worthy upgrade from your current one? We will find out in our review as we have it focused on 3 new key areas of the new iPad: The HD retina display,  the dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics and 5 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capture.

The HD Retina Display Is Simply Beautiful

To put it quite simply the HD Retina Display on the iPad is simply beautiful took look at. Packing in at pixel density of 265 ppi with a 2048 x 1536 resolution and keeping the same 9.7 inch screen size is simple remarkable. With the density so high you’ll be hard pressed to see any pixilation at all. Zooming in on pictures and text look great and keeps great detail. Since it’s a IPS panel you won’t have bad viewing angles. Overall one of the best display on a tablet to date.

The Dual-Core A5 X Processor Keeps It Fast And Quad Core Graphics Raises The Gaming Bar.

Gaming on mobile devices that are no dedicated gaming machines is becoming more of important feature with ever new generation of tablets and cell phones.  The New iPad raises the bar here with quad-core graphics on a tablet which is just amazing we have come this far in technology along.  Games have to be updated to support and take advantage of the new graphics power and when optimized for it you’ll noticed the difference in graphics and flow of the game. We used Infinity Blade as an example  of a game that is updated for the new chip so check that out in the review video below.

The dual-core part which comes more into play with general use and interacting with iOS. I’ve never had a real slow down before when using iOS. But A5X dual-core processor does provide a performance boost that will be more noticeable to the heavy user than the moderate ones. I will say that it does get warm on the back after some long heavy use but its not uncomfortable just noticeable.

We should also note that while your getting the faster processor, larger battery, HD Retina display and 4G LTE options the body remain the same slim form factor as the iPad 2.



5 Megapixel Camera Shoot decent pictures and 1080p Footage, But Wish it was 8 megapixel.

Apple finally upgraded the camera in their iPad to something decent. Folks that like to take photos with tablet will be happy to know that the New iPad has a solid 5 megapixel camera that’s on part with most shooters in that range and the video quality is also solid as well. Only the cameras in the Blackberry Playbook are better in the tablet category.


The New iPad Is The Best iPad Available, Better Than The iPad 2

Apple has improved its tablet offering and created the best iPad to date. If you’re looking for an iPad then this is the one to get especially with 4G LTE available on the Verizon and AT&T models. They cost a bit more but could prove to be useful when on the go and no Wi-Fi available. If you own a iPad 1 it’s time to upgrade but if you own an iPad 2 you’re really spending money on an improved camera, sharper screen and the option of 4G LTE. Besides that there is no absolute reason for iPad 2 owners out there to upgrade. The New iPad may not have the number 3 at the end of it but it will make sure that it stays on top as the #1 tablet in the market.

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