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There Will be A Streets Of Rage 4…YES!

Streets Of Rage 4
Sega is bringing back their legendary side-scrolling beat-em up series back with Streets Of Rage 4.

SEGA Is Bringing Their Iconic Beat-’em Up Back With Streets Of Rage 4

One of the best video games of the 90’s is making it’s return with Streets Of Rage 4. The series is known for its solid arcade style side scrolling beat-em up gameplay with an excellent music soundtrack.¬† It will be developed by 3 studios. Guard Crush games who made Streets Of Fury, an homage to the Streets Of Rage series. Dotemu and LizardCube makers of Wonder Boy: the Dragon’s Trap will also join in on development.

The trailer¬† shows a new modern art-style with a guitar heavy 80’s soundtrack. It features two original characters from the series. Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. They look to be back to their crime fighting ass kicking ways. No word on the story or release date yet but I’m hoping this new art style and soundtrack will bring a great retro game to the modern gaming world.

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