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TYLT Energi 10K Review

The TYLT Energi 10K is so far one of my favorite portable battery packs to carry around. See why in our review!

The TYLT Energi 10K is so far one of my favorite portable battery packs to carry around. The Energi 10K comes with 10,400 mAH of battery power enough to charge up your smartphone and tablet throughout the day. The Energi 10K come with 3 USB ports for charging. 2 are for smartphones at 1.1a while 1 port is 2.1a for changing a tablet. The device itself takes about 6 hours for a full charge from my testing so if you want the Energi 10k at is full charge you’ll want to leave it charging overnight. Be sure to check the battery level before leaving for that day. You can do that by click the button that lights up the LED indicators on the site.

In my usage I found that it charges up my devices well. It’s takes about two hours to fully charge a smartphone with an average size battery and about 4 hours when charging up a tablet. For a quick charge I was able to get an LG G2 to charge up from 0 % to 40% in about 30 minutes. Charge times can vary based on the battery size in the device your charging. The idle times are also great. I actually stopped using the charger for a few days and the batter levels stayed the same where I left it.

The TYLT Energi 10K is one of my favorite battery packs to use on the go. I typically have 2-3 devices on me and when on the go I love having the ability to charge up to 3 devices at the same time and keep everything going. The TYLT Energi 10k is the battery park for the multi-device carrier and I would highly recommend. The TYLT Energi 10K retails around $100 a well worth the price to keep your devices charged on the go.





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