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Verizon BlackBerry Torch 9850 Quick Review

Verizon Blackberry Torch 9850 Quick Review..


RIM makes another attempt and bringing an all-touch solution to their Blackberry Platform. Does the Sprint Torch 9850 light a flame back into Blackberry?  Well for starters the specs for the Torch 9850 bring this into the mid-range level for smartphones. It comes with a 3.7 inch display with a 800 x 480 resolution which really looks good. Its powered by a 1.2 GHz processor that single core which in today’s cell phone world is disappointing but since it’s still running Blackberry 7 OS it keeps the system running very fast for a Blackberry device. The phone is globally read with 3G World roaming capabilities keep the travelling business user connected however there isn’t any 4G option available. The 5 megapixel camera isn’t going to wow you but is good enough to send pictures to Facebook, Twitter and pictures messaging as long as it’s in good lighting. The video capture is in 720p and decent enough for an upload to YouTube or Facebook if you are in the proper environment to get the best shot.

Blackberry 7 OS has improved over the earlier versions of Blackberry and that is a good and bad thing since its improving on an aging platform that RIM needs to get out of which they plan to do with Blackberry 10 coming to newer devices. BB OS 7 brings a modern look to the Blackberry OS and the Liquid Graphics provides a fast and smooth experience with great graphics effects. Since there isn’t a physical keyboard on here you’ll need to rely on the virtual keyboard which is honestly weird to use on a Blackberry Devices. It’s a bit on the small side and isn’t as responsive as you would like when using it. Battery life is decent being able to get through a work day on a single charge. Call quality is also good with clean and clear audio on both sides of the call.

In a quick summary the Torch 9850 is good but its hard to recommend for anyone that isn’t already a Blackberry user and wants to stay with the Blackberry Platform. There are just too many other options that are better than what the Blackberry Torch 9850 has to offer.


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