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Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data

Verizon Unlimited
Verizon is bringing back unlimited data starting 2/13/17 for $80!

Unlimited Data Returns To The Verizon Network

Today Verizon announce that they will be offering an Unlimited Data starting on Monday.  The plan will go for $80 a month and include full HD video, mobile hotspot (10GB included), and calling and texting to Mexico and Canada. If you are roaming in Mexico or Canda, you’ll get 500 MB of 4GLTE day per day. Verizon said they would continue to offer their current 5 GB S, M and L Verizon plans.  While the plan says unlimited, there is a 22 GB cap limit before Verizon will throttle your speeds. You can also get a family plan for up to four lines for $45 per month with the same features.

One advantage that I see with Verizon’s Unlimited offering is that so far there isn’t any catches with it. HD video streaming and hotspot support are included in the plan. Verizon has one of the strongest and largest 4G LTE networks. They should be able to support unlimited data with much of an issue. It’s it was only three years ago that carriers were eliminated unlimited plans and going to tiered data and we’re back to offering unlimited again.

This is a huge swerve in marketing for Verizon which has spent the last two years convincing people that unlimited data was unnecessary and users were paying for data the were not using. But it looks like competition from T-mobile, AT&T and Sprint have convinced Verizon to join back in the unlimited data game.


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