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Vinci 2.0 WantsTo Be The Workout Headphones Of Your Dreams

Off the success of the Vinci 1.5 the Vinci 2.0 Looks To Be your Dream Workout Headphones

I got to spend some time talking with the Vinci team about their new in-ear headphones the Vinci 2.0. From the success of the Vinci 1.5 they received a lot of feedback from their users about having a pair of headphones that have the same features as the Vinci 1.5 but you can go to the gym with and get a workout or run in with them. From this feedback, the Vinci 2.0 were made.

There are 3 versions of the Vinci 2.0. The lite version which will retail for $149 with special pricing today for $79 will come with 8 GB of storage with no screen. The pro version will 16 GB of storage, display, active noise cancellation and will retail for $289 with special pricing for the launch even day and the Super version will come with a bone conduction mic, headphone bag, 32 GB of storage and will retail for $399 and yes there will be special pricing for the launch event today.  All 3 will come with the smart features you expect with AI Assistant and 3G cellular service to be fully independent. Once you setup with your phone you can leave the phone at home and go. Current music services that are available are Spotify, Amazon Music and Soundcloud with more services coming soon.

Kickstarter Campaign

Press Release:

New York, NY — November 15, 2017 — (http://en.vinci.im/2.0) Following the success of Vinci 1.5 Smart Headphones on Kickstarter in November 2016, Inspero Inc., an AI-focused audio technology company, has come back to reinvent headphones again with Vinci 2.0 — its second generation smart in-ear headphones for the active fitness community. This revolutionary new product comes in a lightweight package (<90g) that is both secure and sweatproof yet incorporates unique headphone features such as 3G cellular connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth, up to 32GB of local music storage, fitness sensors and trackers, a voice and gesture control interface, and more. For the first time, users can go for a run without carrying their phones while still be able to access their music (both online and offline), make phone calls, track their fitness performance, and even sync with Amazon Alexa for additional skills and services — all directly from their standalone Vinci 2.0 headphones for a completely phone-free and hands-free workout experience. Furthermore, all of Vinci 2.0’s features can be voice controlled courtesy of two voice AI assistants that are built directly into the headphones — Vinci and Alexa!

Vinci 2.0 are the world’s first smart headphones to feature a built-in AI assistant that utilizes biosensing hardware and neural network learning algorithms. Whenever users listen to music and make voice commands, Vinci collects and analyzes user data such as heart rate and current location in order to familiarize itself with your music and lifestyle preferences. Basically, the more you use Vinci, the smarter it gets at providing music content and voice assistance that is tailored to the moment, whether you are taking a walk, out for a jog, or on your commute. While Vinci may look and feel like regular in-ear headphone, it actually acts like a computer. Vinci is powered by a Mediatek quad-core Cortex A7 processor (the same processor found in smartphones and tablets) with 1GB of RAM. This hardware supports Vinci’s highly customized (Android-based) OS and UI which enables users to voice control their music, make phone calls, get calendar alerts, ask for health and workout statistics, and sync with Amazon Alexa for access to more than 12,000 skills and services (weather, directions, and more). Vinci is the first in-ear headphone to come with built-in 3G cellular and WiFi connectivity so that all of Vinci’s features are available to users no matter where their on-the-go lifestyles take them. Music content, songs, and playlists can be accessed by simply logging into your Spotify, SoundCloud, or Amazon Music account directly on your headphones. And just in case you do not have internet access, Vinci comes with up to 32GB of built-in storage so you can save your music locally and listen to your favorite songs anywhere you go. All of these features have been expertly designed to fit into one sleek and stylish device that’s lightweight (<90g), comfortable (premium materials and customizable ear plugs/fins), and easy to use thanks to Vinci’s intuitive voice and gesture control interface. Simply wear Vinci and use voice commands or quick hand gestures (waves, swipes, etc.) to control your music experience. Vinci 2.0 is also the first headphone to feature a 1-inch OLED display for extra style and interactivity. All of these features have been designed to make Vinci 2.0 the perfect all-day companion for your on-the-go music, fitness, and lifestyle needs.

We designed these headphones to completely integrate and improve people’s music listening experience,” says David Zhu, CEO/Co-founder of Vinci. “We envision Vinci transforming not only the way people listen to music, but also the way people interact with the world while listening to music. With just a tap or voice command, people will be able to check the weather, get directions, or order a car all through their headphones, making this the easiest on-the-go listening experience — no smartphone needed.”

Vinci 2.0 Lite features:

  • Make phone calls directly from Vinci. Vinci 2.0 features 3G cellular connectivity. You can leave your phone behind and make calls and enjoy music.
  • Voice commands. Vinci 2.0 allows for a completely hands-free experience by responding to your voice. You can ask it to choose songs, start a playlist, and more.
    • Fitness Trackers. Like its first generation cousin, Vinci 2.0 also tracks your body vitals and activities (heart rate, steps, cadence, and speed) during your workouts.
    • Smart music recommendations. Vinci senses and recommends music based on your heart rate, activity, and listening habits. The more you use it, the more Vinci provides a personalized experience.
    • Active noise cancelling. Smart noise cancelling modes that adapt to your surroundings, including home, office, train, and airplane.
  • Supports Amazon Alexa. You can also login to Amazon Alexa on Vinci 2.0. With 12,000+ skills on the Alexa platform, you can play music, ask about the weather, order Pizza and even call a Uber directly from Vinci 2.0.
    • Intuitive gesture control. You can control your music (change tracks and adjust volume) using simple swipes near the earpieces.
    • Bone conduction mic. Vinci 2.0 are the world’s first fitness headphones to feature a bone conduction mic so you can give voice commands and make calls without having to raise your voice, even in noisy environments such as gyms and busy streets.
  • Superior sound quality: Professional 12mm drivers with Liquid Crystal Polymer coated diaphragms combined with a dedicated DAC chip (AKM4376) to deliver an immersive HiFi audio experience.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design: Vinci 2.0 is a unique pentagon shape worn around the neck and is constructed with lightweight materials to be comfortable and secure for all users even during vigorous workouts.
  • 8GB of built-in storage. Stores up to 2,000 songs.
  • Color choices. Vinci 2.0 will initially be offered in Black, White, Red and Blue models, with additional colors to come.

Vinci 2.0 Pro features (In addition to Vinci 2.0 Lite):

  • All Vinci 2.0 Lite features.
  • 16GB of built-in storage. Stores up to 4000 songs.
  • Active Smart Noise Cancelling. Vinci 2.0 offers active noise cancelling up to 28dB. Select up to 8 scenarios for best noise suppressions. Support binaural sound recording and 3D real-time immersive sound.
  • Color choice: Black, White, Red and Blue.

VINCI 2.0 Supreme features (In addition to Vinci 2.0 Pro):

  • All Vinci 2.0 Pro features.
  • 32GB of built-in storage. Additional offline storage.
  • Bone conduction mic. The acoustic path of bone conduction allows ideal separation of speech and ambient noise, thus provide crystal clear speech recognition and voice services, even in extremely noisy environments. Vinci is proud to be the first in the world to bring this technology to consumer electronic products.
  • Color choice: Black, White, Red and Blue.

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