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VTECH Connect To Cell Review

Connect your cell phone to your landline with the VTECH Connect To Cell digital phone system. Here is our review.

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The VTECH Connect To Cell Digital Phone System is a product that bridges the gap between landline and cell phone and lets you use both at the same time if you want to. It comes with two handsets with LCD’s and backlit dial paid, one main charge base with a digital voicemail system and a second base and you can connect up to 5 more handsets and Bluetooth connectivity to pair it with your smartphone or cell phone.

The setup is pretty easy and doesn’t require to be too tech savvy to set up. You plug the handsets in and if you have a landline you plug that into the main base. For the Connect To Cell Bluetooth functionality you just need to pair it to a handset and you can choose which handset you want to pair it with which is great if you have bad cell coverage in certain parts of your home. You can leave your cell phone on the charger near the main base while you take the call from one of the VTECH handsets. They can receive or dial out calls by simply tapping the cell button on the handset itself. The sound quality is great and battery life on the VTECH handsets are pretty good and will last you for those long calls. The only drawback is that you can’t import or control your cell phone’s contacts into it, you have to add those individually. One really cool feature that stands out is the quite mode which for business professionals you will like as you can just hit the red power button on the main base and calls won’t be answered and will go straight to voicemail.

VTECH’s Connect To Cell phone system is good for those that have bad cell phone coverage in their home or manage a cell phone and a landline phone at the same time. It’s a system I would recommend for the heavy phone talkers that make long calls and want better battery life then what they get with just a cell phone.


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