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Windows Phone Can Win, If Microsoft Steps It Up

In the war for smartphone supremacy, Windows Phone can win, if Microsoft Steps It Up.

Windows Phone’s shortcomings give it the ultimate opportunity to propel itself in the race for top smartphone manufacturer. Windows Phone 7.5, better known as Mango, came to fruition mid way of last year and it became a welcome addition to the platform. It added great functionality in the social and multi tasking department; as well as enhancing the live tile aspect of the platform. Microsoft seemed to be on the path of steady and significant upgrades that every consumer wants. Windows Phone can win, if Microsoft steps it up.

The Reality

Microsoft began their refresh for a place in the mobile space to late.  iOS and Android already had their feet set in stone when it came to market share. The bad distaste consumers had from Windows Mobile also didn’t benefit the cause. Windows Phone is vastly different than anything else on the market, but as the past as shown being different isn’t enough in this mobile ecosystem. Upgradable differentiation is the key to constant progression with your product.

The Software

Metro UI is a fluid and elegant piece of work. It takes Apples form of simplicity with a pane of applications and gives it a taste of 21st century eye candy. From the outside looking in, it gives a valiant effort for the most part. Consumers want to get intimate with the operating system, but it’s seemingly boring interface isn’t enough to convert them. Only everyday Windows Phone users know how the user experience drastically differentiates itself from the crowd. It never slows down or push itself more than it needs to. Its a very nicely knit package that performs more like a piece software that’s been around longer than just 2 years.

The Apps

Apps, apps, and more apps. Applications have become the holy grail or the crucifix for present day mobile operating systems. They extended the functionality of the software as well deeply integrating a consumer with its fellow man. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Apple gave birth to it, Google copied it, and Microsoft is trying to redefine it. The app hysteria around Windows Phone is somewhat unwarranted. Quantity should never overtake quality and in Microsoft’s case, they have a pretty good mix of both. Windows Phone already has the core apps baked into their software so there’s no worries in that department. WP email client is only second to Blackberry’s iteration and the strict hardware guidelines make every experience the same as the next device. The majority of the tech world finds these guidelines as a limiting attribute that ultimately hurts WP expansion, but quality user experience breaks the status quo of beefy specs anyday. Apple is the ultimate showcase of that idea mastered to perfection.

The Hardware

Microsoft mandates that all their WP devices have a hardware requirement to ensure the best user experience for all consumers. In theory, this is genius. It destroys the negative aspects that open source platform brings to the table and supplements it with efficiency. The only problem with Microsoft’s initiative is that all their hardware requirements are last generations tech. It’s a shame that hardware like a snapdragon processor, 512mb of ram, and 800×480 screen resolution have become considered ancient in the tech world. It’s goes to show you the speed of innovation in the mobile industry. It’s truly something to marvel at. Even tho WP doesn’t need the advances in technology such as a quad-core processors or 1gb of ram yet, it does however have to future proof its prized software. Firmware updates have become the make or break feature of present operating systems. It gives the consumer a new lease on the user experience. It puts them at a comfort level knowing that their device won’t be obsolete in a matter of months. Again, Apple has done an amazing job in this regard. Apple has mastered the craft of making its consumers blissful with every device. Microsoft should keep strict hardware for its next version of WP. It just needs to make sure that the hardware is compatible with future versions of itself.


Windows Phone has been the talk of the town in the tech world the past few weeks. The majority of it is coming from two very distinct viewpoints. One being that Microsoft needs to give current WP users the Apollo update. This update is supposedly going to be an epic change in nature. Multiple different sources have said the update will and will not becoming to current Mango devices. Not to add to the fray, the only thing i will say is that NOT giving current WP users the update is beyond idiotic. I rest my case. The second surprisingly is the Nokia Lumia 900. The consensus is that hardware wise, it’s in a class of its own, and on the other hand, it’s just another WP device. The funny thing is that the negative aspect of various reviews still say that it being another WP device isn’t necessarily a bad thing, only that other current generation operating systems like IOS and Android are more advanced. The critics are right in more ways than one. But Microsoft and current WP users should take one thing away from all this sudden Windows Phone hysteria. Windows Phone has POTENTIAL! Tremendous and warranted potential. Microsoft has to supplement its own shortcoming with progression in the mobile space. A 2 year old operating system causing this much discussion can only mean that people WANT a Windows Phone. They just can’t in it’s current state. I can’t help but feel the Metro UI is a reincarnation of WebOS trying to resurrect itself lol. Maybe it’s the tech geek inside of me, or maybe it just has THAT much potential. Only time will tell, but in the mean time, STEP IT UP MICROSOFT!

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Alexander Omoniyi

I'm a 21 year old college student whose obsession with tech began only a few years ago. From iOS, Android, and currently being a Windows Phone user, I’ve come to be well-informed on whats truly happening in the mobile ecosystem of these amazing pieces of technology. When you get down to the basics, all innovation begins with pushing the boundaries of whats already known and extending it to another frontier. I get excited just realizing how far the smart phone has come from its re-birth with the iPhone. We haven’t even begun to reach the climactic point of what these devices can do, and I for one plan to be there every step of the way.

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