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Xbox One All Access Makes Xbox One Affordable

Microsoft hopes that with XBox One All Access will be the right price for you to take the leap.

Xbox One All Access Give All Budgets A Chance To Game On Xbox

Microsoft is turning the full Xbox One experience into a monthly affordable service called Xbox All Access.  The service lets you get a brand new Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for one monthly price. The plan goes for 24 months with no interest financing and you can choose between a 1TB Xbox One S for  $21.99 per month or an Xbox One X 1TB for $34.99.  After the 24 months, you own the Xbox One.  Microsoft says this is a limited time offer and you’ll need into a Microsoft Store near where you live to sign up.

You’ll want to be aware that when you sign up that a credit check is needed since the financing is through a Dell Preferred Account. Everything is also paid in full upfront. So standard return policies will apply.

If you decide 6 months later you don’t want Xbox All Access services anymore you will be stuck.  You will also want to consider that pricing drops for consoles as they get older. There is always a holiday deal or a bundle coming up that could drop the price lower then what you would pay over the 24-month span with Xbox One All Access.

Xbox One All Access is another step closer towards gaming as a service for Microsoft. Opening access to those that might not be able to drop $500 on a new console at once is a smart idea. This also helps push Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold which are two services Microsoft will make the most money on.

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