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First look at the New Xbox One S Custom Controller

During a trip to the Microsoft Store, we get some hands-on time with the new Xbox One S Custom streamlined controller customized with Xbox Design labs.

The New Xbox One S Streamline Controller With Custom Colors

While on a trip to the Microsoft Store today to get my Microsoft Band 2 replace (more on that later), I came across the new Xbox One S Custom streamlined controllers customized using Xbox Design Labs.

The new Xbox One S controller is more streamlined according to Microsoft. The new controller has a textured back and now includes Bluetooth, so you easily connect this to a PC without the need of a dongle.

What’s cool is the ability to design your own custom controller using Xbox Design Labs. You can customize nearly everything from the body, bumpers, triggers, D-Pad, thumbsticks, ABXY View & Menu buttons and the back are customizable with 8 millions of color combinations. You can also personalize it even more with a custom name laser engraving. I can see a lot of gamers tags showing up here.

Xbox One S Custom Controllers-3

First Impressions of the new Xbox One S Controller

The new Xbox One S controller does feel a bit lighter without batteries in it compared to the current standard controller sans barriers. The textured back feels great, give you a better grip. Should help in intense long gaming sessions.  Adding Bluetooth makes this the on controller you will need for both Xbox One and PC gaming.

While I love the customization, I want to see this also be done with the Xbox One S itself. I know that this would be a lot more expensive but being able to do total customization would be awesome. Colorware does provide this in the gaming space usually, but would be nice to come from Microsoft.

I’m also hoping that this will reach the Xbox One Elite controller as well. It’s already a very customizable controller and adding some color and style to it would certainly make many gamers happy.

Xbox One S Custom Controllers-1

When Can You Get Your Xbox One S Custom Controller?

The new Xbox One S streamlined controller will be available first with the purchase of the new Xbox One S when released in August. For the Xbox One S custom controllers using Xbox Design Labs, you can go to the Microsoft Store now and start your custom design for $79.99, but it won’t ship out until September.

Link: Xbox Design Labs

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