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Next Xbox One Update Will Support FreeSync And Auto Game Mode

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In the next Xbox One Update, Microsoft will bring support coming for AMD FreeSync and automatic TV Game Mode.

Next Xbox One Update Will Support AMD FreeSync

Adding more value to the Xbox One and pair with the recent announcement of 1440p support, the upcoming Xbox One update will give the console the ability to support AMD Freesync. Freesync improved refresh rates in games an prevent screen tearing. It makes sense for Microsoft to support FreeSync since the Xbox One already uses AMD for graphics.  Gaming monitors that support this technology come at a lower price compared to its GSync competitor. 

TV Game Mode Will Turn On And Off Automatically

Another improvement coming is the Xbox One will detect if your TV has a game mode and automatically turn it on while you are playing a game. These modes usually have low-lag settings for gaming. When you stop your game, the system will turn this mode off so all your TV processing will come back. This update will arrive in late 2018.

Microsoft is also improving the Microsoft Edge browser on the consoles. It will now support update and downloads. So if you have that gaming screenshot you want to make a wallpaper on your PC, it will be a lot easier to do.

Microsoft continues to improve on the Xbox One even though the system is woefully behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 in total worldwide console sales. It’s essential for Microsoft to continue to improve and make the Xbox One a very consumer friendly choice. 

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