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Xfinity X1 Is Your Video Hub For The Rio Olympics

Get Gold Medal Level Coverage From Comcast and the Xfinity X1!

The Rio Olympics are right around the corner, and if you have the Xfinity X1, you have access to gold medal level coverage of the Olympic games.  Using the X1 Sports app you will be able to keep track of events, medal count and watch every single event that’s on live television and streaming online. You can get particular which the sport of your choice.

For me, I’m a big fan of Volleyball, as I played in high school and college at the NCAA level. With the X1 I can watch every single Volleyball game during the entire tournament. You can do this for literally every event at the Olympics.  You can also follow your favorite athlete as they compete for the gold.  We saw a couple of years ago what the X1 could do during the Sochi Winter games, and it’s only gotten better for the Summer games. See Comcast’s press release below for more and the rap video giving you all the details.

From Comcast:

For Rio, Comcast has created the ultimate Olympics destination on X1, offering customers the best place to easily search, discover and access the more than 6,000 hours of NBCUniversal’s live, on demand and online streaming Olympic programming available throughout the Games.

Customers will have the ability to personalize their Olympics experience by following the athletes, teams and nations they care about most and navigate the entire Olympics experience with the sound of their voice using the X1 voice remote.

Via the integrated X1 Sports app, customers can search and explore the latest medal counts, live results, and real-time stats for events, as well as browse all live and streaming programming schedules, select the specific event live stream they would like to view, and watch the latest highlights of their favorite events and athletes on demand.

The opening ceremony happens Aug. 5 on NBC.

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