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Is YouTube Red Actually Worth It? After 6 Months Absolutely!

It's been just over 6 months since YouTube Red has debut and it's safe to say for me it's the best way to experience YouTube!

Yes YouTube Red Is Worth It. Here’s Why!

Just over 6 months ago YouTube revealed YouTube Red, a subscription service that included many features YouTubers have been asking for with ad-free videos, background playback and offline video support.  I’ve been using YouTube Red for over 6 months now and it’s something that I can’t use YouTube without. It’s value is really underestimated for the price.


What Is YouTube Red?

If you’re not sure what YouTube Red is we did our review and walkthrough of the service when it launched back in October 2015 (Check the video below after you finish reading). It’s a pretty simple service that works across any desktop, smartphone, tablet and smart tv that you are signed into with the Google account that has YouTube Red. The service cost $9.99 per month and included Ad-Free videos across the whole site, background video playback, offline video downloads for mobile devices, YouTube Originals (More on that later) and Google Play Music All Access. I actually have YouTube Red through my Google Play All Access which I signed up for at the launch price of $7.99

YouTube Red’s Hidden Value

There was also a lot of harsh backlash about the service, much of which I think was a little off base but I did agree on the background video playback being a paid feature. I initially figured that this would be a feature I would play around with for a bit and then forget about it. But after over 6 months of using it I can safely say I would be frustrating to use YouTube without it.  It’s hidden value isn’t so much hidden as it states the feature, the reason i call it hidden is because you need to really use the feature to find out what you are missing.


Ad Free YouTube Is A Blissful Experience

Not having to see a single ad play on any video you click on is actually pretty refreshing. I love being able to jump right into the video and when I’m not logged into my account and watch a video on YouTube and video pre-roll ad pops up there is that slight bit of frustration and impatience in waiting to get to the content. However I think that feeling has more to do with our on-demand culture we live in right now which makes waiting even 15 seconds feel like a chore which is silly when you think about it.

YouTube Red Offline Mode

Offline YouTube Is Useful

Having offline play is great for saving data and also when you are in situations with a weak connection. If you’re a frequent subway train rider where connection can get spotty it’s nice to be able to download and watch longer videos without having to deal with buffer and intermittent connections. I love doing this for videos I watch that are usually 20+ minutes or longer. It’s just easier to watch it like that on the go.

YouTube Red Background Playback

Background Playback For The YouTube Music Lovers

Background play is nice for those times I need to jump out of what i’m watching or listening to if it’s music, and either answer a text, search for something or use an app. I like being able to do that and get right back to what i’m doing on YouTube. While I don’t think this is a crucial paid feature it’s a nice one to have and comes in handy. For those that like to use YouTube for music

I would suggest using the dedicated YouTube Music app along with a YouTube Red subscription to get the best experience.

YouTube Red Originals

YouTube Originals Is Like A TV Network

One of the benefits of YouTube Red is YouTube Originals which is made up of high quality content created by YouTube’s biggest channels and content creators. Many of the shows on here have more of a TV show vibe to them in terms of its production. These videos are not going to feel like traditional YouTube videos and they are not meant to. This is nice and makes you feel that you’re getting something better and exclusive for what you are paying for.

As far as the shows goes, some of them are good and some are meh. I’ve bounce through them and found a few videos i’ve liked but I can tell that this is in its early stages and will need some time to develop more before we see amazing content. I’d say YouTube Originals is like a TV Network and they are putting shows on their network and seeing what works just like a traditional TV Network would do.

Are YouTube Content Creators Getting Paid For YouTube Red?

There was much fear about YouTube Red in the creator community (which we are apart of ourselves) and little was known about what would be paid to content creators since there would be no ads on our videos for those who have YouTube Red. I can tell you for sure that content creators are getting paid and YouTube actually singles out the revenue from this. For the most part it looks to match or be a bit higher than the standard payout per ad click rate you see from ad supported videos. Time will tell how this will go for us but right now things look to be ok.

Is YouTube Red Worth It?

Yes! YouTube Red is worth it if you are a heavy YouTube user that watches a lot of content and want the ability to get it with no ads, background playback and offline mode when needed. I don’t think YouTube Originals is a selling point just yet and while I think having it bundled in with Google Play All Access is awesome, you may already be using another music service heavily so that bonus may not be worth it to you. YouTube Red is a great service that works well and worth a shot to try it out. It may just be where revenue model goes for content creation.

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  • If you are using iPhone, you can use a simple tweak called Cercube on your phone. This disables the ads on Youtube and you can stream the content without Ads. If you think you need to jail break the phone to install this app, No, you don’t have to.