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YouTube Will Add 10,000 More Employees To Moderate Videos

Google announces strong actions its taking to clean up offensive content on YouTube.

Google will add 10,000 more employees to moderate YouTube Videos

Google has been working to control the fires that YouTube has been dealing with when it comes to the content on the site. They have been dealing with videos and comments that contain themes of child exploitations and advertisers pulling their ads from the site, which isn’t the best timing right now as November and December are typically higher ad buying and earnings seasons due to the holidays.

YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki has announced actions that they are taking to combat this issue. They will hire 10,000 more employees to help moderate content on the site along with stricter guidelines on what channels can earn revenue. Currently, you only need 10,000 views to start earning, but it sounds like they are going to add a manual process to this to ensure the channel’s videos meet the right criteria for ad placement. YouTue says they were currently improving their machine learning algorithms to better protect children and monitor hate speech. They said this combination along with a human touch with the employees they are bringing in should be a solid combination. YouTube also said that they would be more transparent in 2018 with reports they will publish that contains data on the flags it gets along with the actions it takes to remove videos and comments that violate the content policies of the site.

It’s good to hear this coming from YouTube, but I want to see this in action before giving them credit for good work. As we are content creators who use YouTube to publish our content we’ve seen many similar promises coming from YouTube that doesn’t always come the way we expected. I do feel with advertisers pulling their money away from them that it’s forced them to take this issue much more serious.

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  • I feel like the human touch will be a better fit,BUT stricter guidelines can cripple the actual honest content creators.Alot of content creators (with-in the gaming sector) have lost their channels because of BS or BOTS deeming their content as copyright material.I can totally understand weeding out the inappropriate content.Thanks for sharing this info.I was on YT w/a gaming channels that got canned for no apparent reason.I have moved on from youtube and have no plans of coming back to it personally.I’m hoping it gets better for the creators on that platform.