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ZTE Axon M Available Now Exclusively For AT&T

The dual screen foldable ZTE Axon M is now available at AT&T.

ZTE Axon M Now Available at AT&T Exclusively

The dual screen foldable ZTE Axon M which was announced a few weeks ago is now available to pick up here in the US from AT&T. The Axon M touts two 5 inch FullHD displays that can work in a multitude of modes to take advantage of both screens, giving you up to 6.75 inches of screen real estate to use. The phone internally has a Snapdragon 821 processor with 4 GB of ram, 64 GB of storage, micro SD card support, and 3150 mAH battery. It’s running Android 7.1.2 with ZTE’s custom software on it. There is also a single 20-megapixel camera which will work as your rear and front-facing camera. The camera is capable of record video in 4K

While the specs are from a year ago, ZTE is hoping you look past that with the Axon M and focus on its primary feature which is taking advantage of the dual screens for use with multitasking, entertainment and even playing a game with a friend. Dual screen isn’t something new in the mobile market we’ve seen it before. But now we have a more mature software to create a better experience.  The thing that ZTE will need to answer for consumers with the Axon M is “what are the benefits of using two screens over one on a mobile device in 2017?  I’m excited to get my hands on one to see if the devices do indeed answer the question.

ZTE is trying to crack open a new space in a very crowded mobile market which I feel does need something new an innovative to spark some excitement in a predictable industry.  While we wait for our review unit to come in. Please check out our hands-on video and images below and share your thoughts on the ZTE Axon M.

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