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HyperX Pudding Keycaps Setup And Review: Great RGB Upgrade

Upgrading my RGB game with the HypeX Pudding Doubleshot PBT keycaps!

RGB Upgrade With HyperX Pudding Doubleshot PBT Keycaps

So I upgrade my RGB game with these new HyperX DoubleShot PBT Pudding keycaps. It was time for me to clean up this keyboard, which is my Alloy Elite 1st edition with MX brown switches I bought about a year or so ago, and HyperX sent along with these keycaps, so I want to thank them for that.

The Hyper X Pudding Keycaps are made of Doubleshot PBT material with a nice slightly textured coating on the top.  Two-thrids of the cap is translucent that should present a bolder RGB effect. We’ll talk more on that once we get the caps on. They do come with a key remover, which I’m using here, and it works well, but some keys do need a bit more of a tug to pull out.

The Install

The HyperX PBT keycaps are compatible with all HyperX mechanical keyboards, but they will also work with most mechanical keyboards with a standard bottom row. It’s a US English 104 key set, and they provide a guide on where to place the keys.  The packages are in standard qwerty order for the most part, but there are a few keys that are in other packs, so be aware of that as you are going in order.

You also want to make sure to push down firmly as I found later that while the keys were on and working, some of them were a bit higher than usual, so you need to press down firmly to make sure it fits the whole way.

RGB Greatness

Once I got all the keycaps on and plugged my keyboard back in, It’s surprising how much RGB shined through. It truly felt like a new keyboard. The RGB effect is full, bright, and bold. The keys even feel better than my standard keys because of the textured pudding top. I feel my fingers slip a lot less.

Overall for the current $25 price, these are a great upgrade if you are into RGB, which is a question I have for you. Are you into RGB when it comes to your PC?

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